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Project Bright Eyes – British Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai and New Vision Eye Clinic

We’ll be updating here  with information on Project Bright Eyes in partnership with the British Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai:

Friday 17th October, 2014 – 11:00

Packed and ready to go

Packed and ready to go

The team all ready ready to set off for Lixin County, Anhui Province. We’ll be spending the weekend there as part of Project Bright Eyes with the British Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai (www.britishchambershanghai.org/node/3260).

The British Chamber has been involved in Shanghai for 99 years and wanted to have a strong and sustainable impact on the communities they have been supporting for the past few years through renovating schools and classrooms with the help of local businesses. The British Chamber invited New Vision to help them as during their last visit to Anhui they discovered a young boy couldn’t read from the new blackboard which had just been unveiled that day. Following this and during a break from the classroom they looked around the playing fields and realised that not one child in the school they were visiting was wearing glasses. Living in Shanghai, where the rate of myopia is 30% at age 8 to 70%+ at universities they understood that all the work they were doing in renovating the schools would be wasted if the children weren’t able to see well enough to benefit from their investment.

The conditions in these rural communities is extremely poor, and the children are often left to live with elderly grandparents or relatives as their parents migrate to the big cities of China in search of employment – visiting home for a week once every two years if they’re lucky enough to be able to afford the journey and take time away from work. The communities lack basic healthcare, and even if it was available the vast majority of the community would not be able to afford it. Without projects run by NGOs these communities would often not be able to access the essential services those of us fortunate enough to live in developed cities take for granted.

New Vision will be providing Project Bright Eyes with our skills and expertise and take three days to travel to three schools in Lixin County, Anhui Province. We’ll screen the pupils for refractive errors and provide glasses for those who need them. We’ll also help with arrangements for those children with more serious issues to travel to Shanghai for follow-up treatments or surgeries with the help of the British Chamber of Commerce and sponsorship from affiliated businesses. We’re extremely proud to have this opportunity to help improve the lives of the children in these communities and hope that we can continue to be involved in sustainable projects that help to bring real change to those who need them.

Presbyopia Surgery – Bring Your World Back Into Focus

Rediscover Life in Detail with Presbyopia Surgery

Ideal for the over 45s, presbyopia surgery (also known as a Clear Lens Exchange, Refractive Lens Extraction, or Natural Lens Exchange) can correct both long and short-sightedness in one proven, permanent lens replacement procedure – even if you’ve got astigmatism. At the same time, presbyopia surgery also prevents or eliminates cataracts – one of the leading causes of vision loss worldwide.

If you wear different glasses for distance and near vision, or wear bifocal, varifocal or multi-focal contact lenses, then presbyopia surgery may be the answer you’re looking for.

The best vision solution for presbyopia

Your eye is subject to the same ageing factors as the rest of your body, and as you age your eye’s lens becomes harder and firmer. As your lens becomes less flexible, it can no longer flex and change shape to focus on close-up images. As a result, these images appear out of focus. This is known as presbyopia.

Presbyopia is a natural condition that tends to affect us as we reach our 40s and 50s. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to reverse or even stop the ageing process and protect your vision, letting you retain your youthful outlook and continue living the active lifestyle you’re used to? Presbyopia surgery replaces the hardened, inflexible lens in your eye with an advanced introcular lens that can give you pin sharp focusing at short, middle and long distances.

This non-laser procedure can even be given to patients who have astigmatism or a very high or complicated prescription.  So if you’ve been wearing glasses all of your life for near- or far-sightedness, presbyopia surgery may be able to let you live the rest of your life without glasses. And because the intraocular lens isn’t subject to the normal process of aging you have the peace of mind knowing you will never develop cataracts later in life.

Safe, proven, permanent

The first ever intraocular lens surgery was carried out in the UK in 1949. Since then the processes, technologies and equipment involved in presbyopia surgery have improved and evolved to become one of the safest surgeries in the world.

Presbyopia surgery can help you stop relying on glasses, and keep you feeling young and confident while you work, rest and play. Now you can rediscover your life in detail with New Vision Eye Clinic.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how presbyopia surgery could change your life, or want to book a consultation, then fill in your details below and we’ll be happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Cocoons – Tough Enough For You?

When you’re looking for sunglasses you need to consider UV protection, the quality of the lenses and how you’ll deal with your prescription.

Cocoons Over-Wear Sunglasses tick all three boxes – with 100% UVA and B protection and a wraparound style that blocks out all ’stray’ sunlight, scratch-resistant polarized lenses which minimize glare and reflections, and the ability to wear them over your normal prescription glasses.

But the best thing about Cocoons Over-Wear Sunglasses? Watch this video and find out…

Coccons Wear-Over Sunglasses are available at New Vision Eye Clinic for only 249RMB. Fantastic price, fantastic protection. Come and see for yourself in our optical shop: 3rd Floor, 758 Xizang Nan Lu, Shanghai. Call 021-6437-7445, email ‘mydoctor@rjeye.com’ or use our contact form to make an appointment.

Cocoons OveRx polarized sunglasses are designed to securely and comfortably fit over a wide range of prescription eyewear frame sizes and shapes.  The patented frames are constructed from extremely durable ballistic nylon and feature the Polaré lens system that exceeds the highest level in lens quality, the  Class 1 European Standard for optical clarity and performance.  All styles feature adjustable Flex2Fit® temples that enable each wearer to custom contour the temple shape for an exact fit that is extremely comfortable and secure.  All Cocoons sunglasses feature a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

New Vision Eye Clinic on I.C.S. Culture Matters

Recently, Dr. Michael Gu (Managing Director of New Vision Eye Clinic) and Dr. Jefferey Lian (New Vision Eye Clinic’s Chief Physician) appeared on the I.C.S. TV show, Culture Matters. You can watch a shortened version of the show below.

In honour of China’s 18th National “Eye-care Day” (which is held on 6/6 every year), Dr. Gu and Dr. Lian discussed myopia and treatment options (including LASIK surgery) and also a new presbyopia surgery which has been introduced this month.

This new presbyopia surgery replaces your natural lens with a multi-focal artificial lens which gives you clear vision and also has the added benefit of preventing your eyes from ever developing cataracts in the future. This new treatment (also known as a Clear Lens Exchange or a Refractive Lens Exchange) can offer a glasses-free lifestyle for the over-45’s and give you perfect near, middle and distance vision.

Alongside the show’s host Alison Watts they also discussed some of the vision problems and treatment solutions facing the local and expat population in Shanghai, and also some of the differences in attitudes regarding eye care in China and overseas.

If you have any questions about the treatment options discussed during the show, you can call our International Patient Services team on 021-6437-7445, or email us at ‘mydoctor@rjeye.com’.

LASIK on the Frontlines: how America’s military won the battle for refractive surgery

LASIK on the Frontlines is a powerful documentary which outlines the clinical research, dedication and discipline that went into evaluating the safety and effectiveness of LASIK under the most extreme, mission critical conditions encountered by the US military’s personnel.

Nearly two years in the making, the video recaps the experiences of two of the US military’s top ophthalmologists, Navy Capt. Steven Schallhorn, M.D. and former Navy SEAL Capt. Frank Butler, M.D. as they explain how they put LASIK treatment through its paces. Capt. Schallhorn and his colleague’s clinical observations of combined Femtosecond and Wavefront guided LASIK treatment showed such a great improvement in their test subjects that their program was rolled out across the whole of the US military. Now, all US military personnel headed into combat are eligible for refractive surgery and to date nearly half a million American front line troops have had the procedure.

Having proved the safety and efficacy of LASIK treatment in troops in the most extreme and harsh conditions that the frontline can throw at it, Capt. Schallhorn’s studies led the way for acceptance of refractive treatments in NASA astronauts – the final frontier for LASIK. Capt. Schallhorn says of this milestone, “NASA’s approval is further evidence that today’s LASIK exceeds all established standards of safety and effectiveness.”